Andrew Hertzog is an attorney with over 38 years of experience representing businesses and individuals.

Andrew Hertzog was the senior litigation partner at the downtown Montréal office of a multinational law firm before opening his own firm in Westmount in 2002. For the first part of his career, Andrew represented and protected mostly large corporations. Now, he uses his experience for the benefit of small and medium-sized business and individuals, often taking on large companies for them.

There are 2 major components to Andrew’s practice: litigation and commercial law. Litigation involves disputes which go to court or which could potentially go to court. A small business or individual should never feel helpless when in a conflict with large, powerful corporations. Andrew uses his experience representing such companies for his client’s interests and in the past few years, he obtained victories or settlements for his clients as listed above.

So, again, if you are being sued or are thinking of taking a lawsuit, or if you just want to know what your rights are in a particular situation, you should contact Andrew without delay at 514-369-2233 ext. 23.

In working with Andrew Hertzog, you are getting an experienced “downtown” lawyer for an “uptown” price. Since he is no longer with a downtown law firm, Andrew has been able to maintain his fees at a reasonable level, and his rates are much lower than lawyers at the downtown firms with comparable experience.

Another advantage of working with Andrew is that he will take personal responsibility for your file from start to finish. Unlike the major law firms which will delegate various responsibilities to junior lawyers or even law students, some of whom do not understand the complexities of the case of what other work is being done, Andrew will handle every aspect of your file personally and keep you informed every step of the way.


514-369-2233 ext. 23  • ahertzog@hllaw.ca
Fax: 514-369-4922